Teal Resources

Here are links offering a variety of formats to access materials related to Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations.


  • The book itself, heartwarmingly available on a “pay what feels right” basis for e-copies. Also available as an audio-book, and (as of July 2016), a new “illustrated version,” much shorter and expressing similar content with the use of clever visuals!
  • Book excerpt: “The Future of Management Is Teal.”
  • Q&A with Laloux published at InfoQ



Key Resources

  1. The Wiki, beautifully described as “a labor of love, the work of a joyful community, dedicated to soulful organizations everywhere coming to life.”
  2. Excellent blog by Corporate Rebels, a small Dutch group who are visiting teal leaders around the world and writing about their experiences.
  3. Enspiral Network from New Zealand is a leading light:   sharing governance docs and publishing great articles (such as Rich Bartlett’s piece on “The Vibes Theory of Organisational Design”), in the context of running a DIY social enterprise support network.
  4. Enlivening Edge (community of practice growing around the book), currently offering a blog, videos, and a facebook group.

Other Useful Stuff

There is an ever-expanding pool of online literature available to pursue learning in this. I aim here to compile some of the most useful links. Suggestions are welcome.

General overviews:

Specific topics within teal:

Teal in nonprofits:

Happy case studies:

Lists of teal organizations:

And more:

Other Books

  • The Happy Manifesto (2013) by Henry Stewart: Shorter overview covering many of the same topics as Laloux’s book.
  • Joy, Inc. (2013) by Richard Sheridan. From the CEO & Chief Storyteller at Menlo Innovations.
  • Freedom, Inc. (2009) by Brian Carney & Isaac Getz: Covers some of the same companies as Laloux, others are different, some fun stories.
  • An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization (2016) by Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Matthew L. Miller, & Andy Fleming. To flesh out the “wholeness” aspect in an organization’s operations.
  • Maverick (1993) by Ricardo Semler: A classic that inspired some of the other businesses included here.
  • Working Together (1983) by John Simmons & William Mares: Participatory decision-making and attempts at workplace transformation among American auto manufacturers of the 1970s & ’80s.

For further reading, see the Corporate Rebels book list on their resource page.

Come join!

I am currently organizing a meetup for people in the Eugene, Oregon area who want to get together in person to explore these ideas.

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