Supporting you, your colleagues, and your group(s) via:

(1) Purpose-centered design — Whether for one event or the whole of your enterprise, what is your purpose and how does it need to be expressed at this time?
I use clarity of purpose as the genesis of good design (whether for meetings, conferences, retreats, or whole organizations and networks).

(2) Nourishing organizational culture — Does how your operation runs now best serve the needs and aspirations that are present?
I help tune systems and practices, to move toward purpose, wholeness, transparency, and empowerment.

(3) Deepening skills & capacity — Are you seeking training in essential knowledge of group dynamics?
I offer capacity-building in areas such as:

  • How to make effective collective decisions
  • Holding space for constructive conversations
  • Running lively meetings that achieve clear results
  • Co-creating a shared future
  • Aligning action with intention

Typical forms the work falls into include:

  • Meetings, retreats, conferences, and other events that are engaging, energizing, and fulfill your goals.
  • Organizational consultation:  Hearing where your group is at (especially what you are presently wrestling with), and sharing recommendations, ideas or relevant experiences in response.
  • Training sessions and workshops — highly interactive with plentiful practice opportunities (because, let’s face it, people don’t learn group skills from hearing a lecture), and designed with love.

My work is based on the following assumptions:

  • Your group has the creative wisdom it needs.
  • Good process leads to excellent concrete results while building healthy communities.
  • Design with knowledge and care, yet remain flexible and open to emergent change.
  • Your life energy is too precious to settle for lousy meetings!


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