Tree’s Next Big Project

As 2018 arrives, i* am seeking a group enterprise to join.

One way of marking my life in the past is by which significant project was receiving a lion’s share of attention at any given time. There’s usually been one group effort garnering high priority among other commitments. For example, starting a housing co-op (now in its 18th year), or founding a successful nonprofit. I am presently feeling ready for the next partnership calling me to lend my talents on a substantive basis.

Much of my work has been toward creating organizations that are effective, fulfilling, and sustainable. That said, i am also happy to explore new areas and learn new skills. Some gifts and skills i enjoy sharing in this realm include:

  • group facilitation and holding space
  • leading trainings
  • organizational culture development
  • designing systems
  • project management
  • interpersonal communication skills and conflict resolution
  • strategy and roadmapping
  • appreciative visioning
  • organizing: stuff, people, paper, events, etc.
  • writing and editing
  • stewarding feedback processes
  • maintaining focus on both purpose and details
  • following through until the goal is achieved

On the two projects cited above, i was in a “source” role. At this time, i am feeling drawn instead to play a joiner role, most likely an early joiner or “first follower.”  I want to support someone’s idea to flourish and become real. That could happen within an existing organization that is up and running, perhaps in a growth phase and/or ready for its next evolutionary step; or it may be with a new entity coming into being.

Here are my criteria:

  1. I’m looking to work primarily face-to-face with a team here in the Eugene/Springfield area, commutable by bike.
  2. The core team i am working with is my highest selection factor. I am seeking people whose company i enjoy and have good chemistry with. I imagine they will be fun, competent, smart, principled, and trustworthy. I expect they will probably have complementary and diverse skill sets as compared with my own; and that the source person(s) (one or more founders) will be inspirational.
  3. I’m looking for an organization that is aiming to live out “liberated” principles such as: transparency, distributed authority, flexibility (within a clear structure), wholeness, clarity of purpose, shared power, sense and respond, functional roles, and so on. The organization doesn’t need to have it all figured out, rather it needs to have a values set that supports operating from this paradigm, and be willing to experiment with how to make it happen.
  4. The purpose needs to be good for the world, something i believe in. (It could be something ambitious and 100% mission-driven, such as “let’s end homelessness in Eugene,” or it could be something narrower, as in “let’s make this service or product available that makes people’s lives a little better.”)
  5. While i can donate some time during early development (or work for equity if it’s a business start-up rather than a nonprofit), i’m looking for the project to provide noticeable income within 2018.  I imagine eventually offering 10-30 hours/week to this endeavor.

If you have ideas, contacts, leads, or any other support to lend in my search, please get in touch! Thank you.

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