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“WOW!  I have not been so excited by a book in my field in, well . . . probably never!”  That’s what i said after reading Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux.  His work is based on more than a dozen case studies, organizations of 100-10,000+ people operating with clarity of purpose and spirit, honoring humans as whole beings (comprising considerably more than “life/work balance,” although it would include that), and respecting autonomous self-management while achieving fantastic results.  These organizations are collectively referred to as "teal."

One prefatory note:  The book is based in the developmental stage theory of Integral Theory/Spiral Dynamics.  I am generally annoyed by developmental stage theories, and the arrogance of some of their more famous exponents—i acknowledge that the beginning of this book was no exception.  However, in spite of that, the characterization of hierarchical (Orange) and egalitarian (Green) has a ring of truth in my experience.  Much more importantly, one can simply skip over that whole basis anyway, moving directly into examining the "evolutionary-teal" practices that are the substance of Laloux's approach.  Because who doesn’t want to be part of an organization like this?!

If you want to check it out, here are some links offering a variety of formats.

  • The book itself, heartwarmingly available on a "pay what feels right" basis for e-copies.  Also available as an audio-book, and (as of July 2016), a new “illustrated version,” much shorter and expressing similar content with the use of clever visuals!
  • Book excerpt: "The Future of Management Is Teal."
  • Q&A with Laloux published at InfoQ


  1. The Wiki, beautifully described as “a labor of love, the work of a joyful community, dedicated to soulful organizations everywhere coming to life.” 
  2. Excellent blog by Corporate Rebels, a pair of fellows who are visiting teal leaders around the world and writing about their experiences.
  3. Enlivening Edge (community of practice growing around the book), currently offering a blog, videos, and a facebook group. 


There is an ever-expanding pool of online literature available to pursue learning in this.  I aim here to compile some of the most useful links.  Suggestions are welcome.

General overviews:

Teal in nonprofits:

Happy case studies:

Specific topics within teal:

And more:

Other Books

The Happy Manifesto (2013) by Henry Stewart:  Shorter overview covering many of the same topics as Laloux's book.
Freedom, Inc. (2009) by Brian Carney & Isaac Getz:  Covers some of the same companies as Laloux, others are different, some fun stories.
The Transformative Workplace (2015) by Carole & David Schwinn.
An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization (2016) by Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Matthew L. Miller, & Andy Fleming.  To flesh out the "wholeness" aspect in an organization's operations.
Maverick by Ricardo Semler:  a classic from 1993, one that inspired some of the other businesses included here.
Working Together by John Simmons & William Mares:  Participatory decision-making and attempts at workplace transformation among American auto manufacturers of the 1970s & '80s.

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