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Resources and Links

Rather than including every available site, these links have been selected for offering access to substantive information or resources.

TREE'S LIST OF PARTICIPATORY EVENT VENUES IN EUGENE: Wondering where to hold a meeting or event in Eugene, Oregon? I am delighted to share this curated list of locations. (If you have additions or changes to suggest, please get in touch.)

Consensus Resources: Includes manuals available online, descriptions of consensus in use at various organizations, and more.

Facilitation and General Group Process Resources: Includes classes in a variety of facilitation methods, other websites with lots more resources, etc.

Resource List (PDF): the quickie version, 2 pages of top picks.

Group Works: A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings. How is it that some meetings bring life to your soul, while others make you wish you'd never stepped in the room? What happens at the best group sessions that makes them productive, fulfilling, sometimes even magic? This beautiful, coherent, evocative card deck is the result of a multiyear collaboration among facilitators from diverse organizational backgrounds. It can be used for learning, planning, debriefing, and in the moment of a meeting for extra support. Amazing new resource.

"Teal" page: Links to the work of Frederic Laloux, author of Reinventing Organizations, currently a major inspiration.

Articles Tree's Excited About:  Once in a while i come across some article that really stimulates my thinking or gets me excited about possibilities.  I can bookmark them in my browser, but it's easy to forget they're there.  Annotating them here helps keep them alive in my consciousness, with the added benefit of sharing them with you.

Sample Policies—learn from other communities in writing or revising your group's policies:

Book List on facilitation and cooperative decision-making.

Want to read more but not sure where to start? This set of Book Reviews includes brief descriptions of eight books on consensus and facilitation.  (Published in 2000, does not include newer books.)

Tree Bressen
Eugene, Oregon