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Group-Building Exercises: Instructions for 35 group games for fun, bonding, or insight. Available in (HTML) or (PDF).

Meeting Up: Personal Scavenger Hunt (American) or Personal Bingo! (Canadian version).

Self-Awareness Questions Exercise:  Nice quick pairs format.

Strengths & Attributes Worksheet:  This tool as currently written is oriented toward project management, but could easily be revised to address other needs.

Exploratory exercises on Roles in Groups, noticing how we tend to take them on, shaking up assumptions, etc.

The article Innerwork: Working On Your Issues with Someone (Whether or Not They Come Along) includes 8 exercises for practicing resolving conflict without getting anyone else involved.

Practicing Facilitation & Process Skills

Agenda Planning Exercise.  Lots of potential items, only one meeting, how do you choose and sequence?  To do this exercise in your group you'll need to download both this document and the accompanying spreadsheet.

Sampler for Process Skills: A few simple exercises culled from various sources.

Short Facilitation Challenge Scenarios: Set of 22 challenge scenarios typical of community and other meetings, for small group roleplay practice.

Pacing & Transitions roleplay scenarios: Eight more scenarios for small group roleplays, focused on the theme of practicing pacing and transitions in facilitating.

Question Practice Scenarios : These community scenarios were written as part of a workshop on learning to ask good questions, however, you can use them in other ways too. 

A-B-Q triads: These roleplay scenarios each have 3 roles—A & B (who are in disagreement with each other), and Q (who is trying to help).  Based in typical community living situations, some take place at meetings and some not.  Some overlap with above set.

The "Green Team": Classic roleplay situation for a nonprofit, facing the dilemma of whether or not to accept a specific large donation.

Further Resources

For teaching exercises on diversity and other issues, check out the excellent Tools at Training for Change.

For more group game ideas, see Bernie DeKoven's site.

The Encyclopedia of Improv Games has a zillion of 'em, indexed by title and category.

This link from the Outdoor Education Research & Evaluation Center also leads to other game sites.


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