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Upcoming Workshops

Most of Tree's workshops are for specific groups and are only open to members of that organization. Below are listings for any workshops that are open for public enrollment. If you want to be added to Tree's mailing list to receive announcements of such workshops, please fill out this form

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The Subtle Art of Powerful Leadership

6-session learning series
Hosted by RAIN Eugene 

Presented by Tree Bressen & Stuart Ramsing

Monday evenings 7:00-8:30pm 
April 17 through May 22, 2017
Downtown Eugene at RAIN - 942 Olive St.

Exceptional leaders consistently help others willingly achieve something of value beyond what they would normally do on their own.  Together we will tune into a quality that isn’t easily measured, yet we know it when we feel it--and that makes the difference inspiring others and accomplishing shared goals.  See more information . . .


Tree Bressen
Eugene, Oregon